Yummy Roll!

Yummy Roll!

One of the reason why they invented cake... yummy roll!
I kinda like this cake because its simplicity.... All in one bite...
Slightly differ from its sister, petit four, this roll guarantee triple sensation!
Why, first the resistible filling, soft bite cake, and fluffy cover cream.... hmmm heaven!
The making is taking longer than usual , but it is worth!

choco rice roll

To taste this mouth watering cake , you need:
7       egg yolk
4       egg white
65 gr  all purpose flour
20 gr  chocolate flour
15 gr  tapioka flour, you can substitute with corn starch
50 gr  butter, melted. add 1 tsp condensed milk, and mix with butter.
1 tsp  SP, or any emulsifier
1 tsp  choco pasta

Choco butter cream:
250 gr  ready butter cream
100 gr  chocolate coating, melted and wait until cool but not set yet
1   tsp  choco pasta
    Mix all together.

100 gr choco rice
20   gr rainbow sugar.

How To:

1. Put all cake ingredients except butter , and choco pasta . Mix them use standing mixer until fully rise.
2. Add butter and pasta.
3. Put in the oven using 35x25 cm pan, for 15 mins with 200 deg C
4. Leave it cool. Cover inside cake with butter cream, before its rolled.
5. Keep in the fridge for 15 mins before you cover outer cake with butter cream and choco rice. 

Yummy bite !


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