IDFB chapter 2 : Indonesian snack

Just join a new group in facebook, called Indonesian Food blogger...
So I can claim that I am a food new occupation..ha..ha..
I kindda like the vision of this group "making world known the indonesian culinary", hmm it sounds too optimistic. But if you rely on the fact that indonesia holds the 2nd biggest facebook population, I believe its achievable... so lets do it!
the group has bimonthly challenge, it encourage bloggers making posts about the indonesian culinary in their own blog. off course every challenge has different theme. And today challenge is Indonesian snack. The first snack came to my mind was "getuk", sweet snack made from mashed cassava. I change it at the last minute, after I found the other recipe that quite "modern". Lapis singkong - layered cassava.
The first reason to choose this recipe was it use agar-agar, another type of jelly- made from sea grass. I wonder how the effect of this ingredient... will it be quite wobbly?  Well mission need to be done....
And after long night, I made it. Result was surprisingly out of my prediction. It was soft and chewy! but quite sticky.... the texture is like jelly candy and taste sensationally sweet. Glad I found this recipe from old woman magazine- Femina- .  I have little change by using strawberry and pandan pasta. that's why strawberry in the pic!

Lapis Singkong or Layered Cassava
Lapis Singkong - Layered Cassava
 - made for 30 - 40 slices

You need:
1     kg    cassava, peeled and grated
7     gr    agar agar - no color
250  gr    sugar
2     tsp   salt
400  ml   coconut milk
1     tsp   strawberry pasta
1     tsp   pandan pasta
20x20x7 cm tray brush with margarin, and cover inside the tray with plastic sheet

1/4  of coconut meat, grated                                mix gratted coconut with salt and 
1/2  tsp salt                                                          steam them about 15 mins.

   - you can substitute the condiment with dry grated coconut

HOW to:
1.  Mix agar-agar, sugar, salt, and coconut milk. Add grated cassava.
2. Divide the mixture into 3 part. Color 2 parts with pandan pasta, and strawberry pasta. the rest leave it uncolored
3. Get your steam pot ready with boiling water. 
4. put the first batch in the tray and steam it for 15-20 min. and followed by another batch, until finished.
5. after it cook , remove from the heat, and leave it cool in the tray
6. After it cool, take it out using knife that has been smear with little bit vegetable oil, to avoid stickiness.
7. spread the grated coconut meat on it. 



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