Chocolate Cake

Yesterday was raining, while I was prompted with my egg whites in the fridge.

Hmmm they needed to be eaten, not only steamed for tofu substitute for my lunch.
Cookies? too much dishes.... it was late afternoon after all.
How about Chocolate cake?
Chocolate cake made from egg whites became my challenge. Long time ago, when I tried those angel cake recipe.... nothing satisfied me enough. Especially the texture of angle cake that chewy and too much sugar. I do not need too much in my sweet life...:)

Eureka! I got the recipe from my earlier age of cooking, well it was about 7-8 years ago.
With little bit modification here and there, I claimed that this chocolate cake recipe is worth to try.
I got the texture I want, soft but not as light as casual sponge cake. The taste is more surprising! The chocolate was rich because I add dark chocolate compound, and not too sweet.

To taste this chocolate heaven cake YOU NEED:

280 grams      egg whites ( taken from about 10 eggs)
100 grams      sugar
80   grams       butter
65   grams       dark chocolate compound, chopped
20   grams      chocolate powder
120 grams      cake flour.

1. Turn on the oven 165 degC. Prepare loaf pan, grease and cover with baked paper.
2. Melt butter, and put dark chocolate compound . Let them melt together
3. Sift together cake flour and chocolate powder. Sift them 3 times.
4. Beat egg whites and pour sugar gradually until form soft peak.
5. Fold in the flour followed by butter.
6. Put in the loaf pan, bake it for 30-40 mins.



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