Chocolate Cake

Yesterday was raining, while I was prompted with my egg whites in the fridge.

Hmmm they needed to be eaten, not only steamed for tofu substitute for my lunch.
Cookies? too much dishes.... it was late afternoon after all.
How about Chocolate cake?
Chocolate cake made from egg whites became my challenge. Long time ago, when I tried those angel cake recipe.... nothing satisfied me enough. Especially the texture of angle cake that chewy and too much sugar. I do not need too much in my sweet life...:)

Eureka! I got the recipe from my earlier age of cooking, well it was about 7-8 years ago.
With little bit modification here and there, I claimed that this chocolate cake recipe is worth to try.
I got the texture I want, soft but not as light as casual sponge cake. The taste is more surprising! The chocolate was rich because I add dark chocolate compound, and not too sweet.

To taste this chocolate heaven cake YOU NEED:

280 grams      egg whites ( taken from about 10 eggs)
100 grams      sugar…

Pepes Mackarel

Its kinda hard to find "pepes" in English term.
Pepes is a cooking method which using banana leaf as food wrapping. What make it special is the fragrant  from banana leaf that last in the food after steaming. Some people like to grill it after steaming process taken, well including me. It make the food inside become slightly dry and has harder texture.
This method can be applied in many food variant, such fish, chicken, even tofu. Even the technique can't be relatively simple, but the result is worth taking.  The tips is bunch of spices. You cant be over spices in Pepes way.... :)

To make this YOU Need:

2  medium shortbody mackerel , in Indonesia knows as ikan kembung. Clean and wash them carefully.
1/2 lemon
2 plies banana leaves
4 tooth picks

2              lemongrass, chopped
1/2 cup     lemon basil
2              Indonesian bay leaves
3              leeks , chopped
2              small green tomatoes
5              garlic
10            red shallots
1 cm     …

IDFB chapter 2 : Indonesian snack

Just join a new group in facebook, called Indonesian Food blogger...
So I can claim that I am a food new occupation..ha..ha..
I kindda like the vision of this group "making world known the indonesian culinary", hmm it sounds too optimistic. But if you rely on the fact that indonesia holds the 2nd biggest facebook population, I believe its achievable... so lets do it!
the group has bimonthly challenge, it encourage bloggers making posts about the indonesian culinary in their own blog. off course every challenge has different theme. And today challenge is Indonesian snack. The first snack came to my mind was "getuk", sweet snack made from mashed cassava. I change it at the last minute, after I found the other recipe that quite "modern". Lapis singkong - layered cassava.
The first reason to choose this recipe was it use agar-agar, another type of jelly- made from sea grass. I wonder how the effect of this ingredient... will it be quite wobbly?  Well…

Es Cincau

Its become my favorite drinks in the summer..... Its not only  quenching your thirst but its also good for your digestion.
As I sneak from wikipedia, its called leaf jelly, which is green, and grass jelly which is black.
Thanks to my Mom, you have such a gifted hand to plant everything compare to me off course, she brought and planted by herself. As for your info my mom lives in the different island....which take half an hour flight :)

Here's the beauty thirst quencher...
To make this quencher YOU need:

20   cincau leafs
 drinking water
coconut milk
simple syrup

* I do not put any measurement because all it depends on your mood :)*

HOW to:
1. Crush and squeeze the leafs to produce the liquid.
2. Using strainer, filter the leafs and the liquid. you can add some water to have consistency as your preference.
3. leave the liquid until jelly-like consistency. keep it in the fridge
4. Mix coconut milk and simple syrup. Then pour into cincau.


Pastry for Breakfast

Wake up in the morning feeling recover from all joy-effect at the pool yesterday...
my boys , 2 little and one big one, enjoyed so much their day at pool. Tiring, Laughter, fills our day. They all sleep early and wake up early.... Should have a quick breakfast.... sausages pastry... My youngest one have a crush on crunchy food, except crunchy veggies.. :( Sausages is one of his fav.... so this pastry should be a perfect for him

YOU need:

1/2  pack  frozen pastry sheet, cut into 7x10 cm  total sheets 12 sheets
4     ea      beef sausages, cut into 3 cm length, total 12 cut.
3     ea      cheese slices, divide one slice into 4. total 12 slice
1     yolk   for egg wash. mix yolk with 2 tsp fresh milk.
thyme for top garnish.

YOU JUST need to:
1.  take one sausage and cheese and wrapped them with pastry sheet.
2.  brush them with egg wash and spread thyme
3.  Bake them in the oven for 15 - 20 min with 200 deg C. my youngest said.... Luv u dear!

BBB - Black pepper Beef Beans!

BBB thats what I call...

I recall it was Friday at work, having long lunch with colleagues at one Chinese Resto at Setiabudi. It was first time I taste this Chinese work :)..and I fell in love...  Sweetness from black soy sauce embrace spiciness from black pepper indulge your tongue .... and crunchy beans make this cuisine perfect for any meal...  One thing that keeping me wondering was how they manage to have crunchy beans with perfect cook meat?  Then I know I have to go to my Lab... :)  first , second, third try.... finally the answer is saute the bean separately . Simple answer.
try to montage all the steps
If you want a quick lunch with long after taste food you have to prepare:
500   gr  minced meat.  500   gr  green beans 1/2       onion, chopped 3   clove  garlic, chopped 2 tsp black pepper , crushed  pinch of salt and palm sugar 5 tsp  honey  6 tsp  black soy sauce - sweet one Vegetable oil
marinade sauce: 1  tsp   sesame oil                                 1  tsp   oyster sauce�����������������…

Yummy Roll!

Yummy Roll!

One of the reason why they invented cake... yummy roll! I kinda like this cake because its simplicity.... All in one bite... Slightly differ from its sister, petit four, this roll guarantee triple sensation! Why, first the resistible filling, soft bite cake, and fluffy cover cream.... hmmm heaven! The making is taking longer than usual , but it is worth!

choco rice roll

To taste this mouth watering cake , you need:
7       egg yolk
4       egg white
65 gr  all purpose flour
20 gr  chocolate flour
15 gr  tapioka flour, you can substitute with corn starch
50 gr  butter, melted. add 1 tsp condensed milk, and mix with butter.
1 tsp  SP, or any emulsifier
1 tsp  choco pasta

Choco butter cream:
250 gr  ready butter cream
100 gr  chocolate coating, melted and wait until cool but not set yet
1   tsp  choco pasta
    Mix all together.

100 gr choco rice
20   gr rainbow sugar.

How To:

1. Put all cake ingredients except butter , and choco pasta . Mix them use standing mixer until fully rise.
2. Add bu…