Pastry for Breakfast

Wake up in the morning feeling recover from all joy-effect at the pool yesterday...
my boys , 2 little and one big one, enjoyed so much their day at pool. Tiring, Laughter, fills our day.
They all sleep early and wake up early....
Should have a quick breakfast.... sausages pastry...
My youngest one have a crush on crunchy food, except crunchy veggies.. :(
Sausages is one of his fav.... so this pastry should be a perfect for him

sausages pastry
another sausages pastry 

YOU need:

1/2  pack  frozen pastry sheet, cut into 7x10 cm  total sheets 12 sheets
4     ea      beef sausages, cut into 3 cm length, total 12 cut.
3     ea      cheese slices, divide one slice into 4. total 12 slice
1     yolk   for egg wash. mix yolk with 2 tsp fresh milk.
thyme for top garnish.

YOU JUST need to:
1.  take one sausage and cheese and wrapped them with pastry sheet.
2.  brush them with egg wash and spread thyme
3.  Bake them in the oven for 15 - 20 min with 200 deg C. my youngest said.... Luv u dear!


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