Es Cincau

Its become my favorite drinks in the summer..... Its not only  quenching your thirst but its also good for your digestion.
As I sneak from wikipedia, its called leaf jelly, which is green, and grass jelly which is black.
Thanks to my Mom, you have such a gifted hand to plant everything compare to me off course, she brought and planted by herself. As for your info my mom lives in the different island....which take half an hour flight :)

Here's the beauty thirst quencher...
Leaf Jelly with sweet coconut milk

To make this quencher YOU need:

20   cincau leafs
 drinking water
coconut milk
simple syrup

* I do not put any measurement because all it depends on your mood :)*

HOW to:
1. Crush and squeeze the leafs to produce the liquid.
2. Using strainer, filter the leafs and the liquid. you can add some water to have consistency as your preference.
3. leave the liquid until jelly-like consistency. keep it in the fridge
4. Mix coconut milk and simple syrup. Then pour into cincau.



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