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Melted Breakfast

Happy Tuseday,

Lovely morning...but quite muggy. The eldest has gone to school... the youngest is still sleeping
Whats for the breakfast? Simple boiled egg with toast? why not?

Boiling egg is kinda easy job to do, but to make melted yolk which centered is quite tricky...
Here is the tips, put the eggs in the simmering water. Stir them slowly using wooden spoon until water is boiling. Cook them 5 - 6 minutes, not longer.
Take them out from pot and leave them in cool water. Crack the skin part by part, and peel it slowly.
Do not use knife to break the egg, use your magic tool, your own hand... :)

Here the pic

What a Lazy Day.....

Rainy season has just started on September...Perhaps rain will pour Jakarta in late afternoon.
The weather so humid ... and could not take eyes from banana that I have just bought few days ago.
Nothing personal...ha..ha..ha.... diary of long distance wife... :)

Well have a look then...

Banana Fritters not a bad idea at all.... what them special are grilled coconut and caramel....

I guess , who are in cholesterol diet line will not count this in. he..he..he..
But today is a lazy day, I can do anything...(or eat) , dont try to catch me on the phone... or you will hear message after tone....

Coconut Banana Fritters
Ingredients :
5 ripe bananas, pick slightly the old one.
1 cup flour,  rice flour will do for crunchy sensation.
1 egg, its an option
1 cup grilled coconut to cover.
1 cup sugar , make caramel.
Vegetable oil to deep frying

How to:
1. Ripped off the bananas, Slice them in 2.
2. Mix all ingredients, except the coconut. Create not too thick mixture, ad…
Pudding Pandan Nangka
Days of  long dry season has left a few days of heat.

Its time to wash them with sweet and refreshing treats. Even-though my dynamic duo not really like those, their mother does... well mother know the best...:) Jackfruit , Pandan, and coconut milk, taste like heaven if they combine perfectly. Indonesian flavor ..he..he..could not far away from coconut milk and pandan.
Thanks God I have Pandan tree at little back yard.  Not only Pandan tree, I have banana tree as well. Those trees were my dream.... and dream come true.  And funny thing I did not grow the banana , it grown by itself  started 8 months ago... I wait , and wait for the fruit, but never come. Normally they bear the fruit after 3 months, and then they dry and die. Well at least my dream come true, I got banana tree not the fruit.....
Here some pic from my back yard.
See the Yellow at the end of the leaf, its due to long dry season  And here my short time dream... Pandan Nangka ( Ja…